August 16, 2013

A proof concerning the immortality of the soul of each Prophet

Among other evidences of the immortality of the spirit is the fact that there can be no effect without a cause. It is impossible for a non-existent cause to produce existent effects. For instance, if we suppose the sun to be non-existent, it would logically follow that its rays and heat would be non-existent. However, we know that the solar energy does exist, because its rays and heat are continuous. The sun being the cause, and the rays and heat the effects, how could the cause be non-existent when the effects are continuous? Likewise, the effects of the Sun of Reality are continuous in the world of reality, for, inasmuch as the influence of the manifestations of God who lived thousands of years ago continues to be felt in the world of to-day, surely the divine manifestations themselves must somewhere be still existent. For example, His Holiness Christ lived upon the earth nineteen hundred years ago, yet the effects of his presence at that time are evident in human minds and hearts to-day. Then how could he be non-existent when his lights are still shining, his praises still sung? He is existent and immortal. The Christ is everlasting, even as its traces are everlasting. 
(‘Abdu’l-Baha, excerpt from a talk at Theosophical Society, San Francisco, October 11, 1912; Unpublished Manuscript by Ella Cooper) (To read the entire talk please visit Talks of‘Abdu’l-Baha)